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  • the website, in its functionality, stores some information about the visitor on his computer
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  • As a result, the site recognizes individual visitors, which is essential for some of its features

We use cookies for this or similar website functionality:

  • Necessary – they are necessary to ensure the basic function of the site.
  • Analytical cookies for website traffic and usage statistics
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  • Remember previous activity
  • Marketing cookies are used to provide relevant ads and marketing campaigns to visitors.
  • Social networking accessories
  • Content Performance – Content performance delivery cookies are used to understand and analyze key website performance indices.
  • Functional cookies help perform certain functions.
  • Others – Other uncategorized cookies.

What you agree to by using the website

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You can now express any disagreement at any time in the future by not using the website again, or you can manually delete, block or completely prohibit their use.

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We do not use cookies for purposes other than purely technical ones, we do not combine the data obtained from them with any other data and we work with cookies in such a way that they do not allow us to identify specific persons.