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There are a lot of artists who claim to have been singing since they could talk, but how many of them made their stage debut at the Tbilisi Big Concert Hall at the age of four, took second place at the Moscow International Festival the following year and entered the Georgian Book of Guinness at 12. Not many, but for sure one because that has been the reality for Sophia Ricci.

Growing up she released three studio albums, and performed four solo concerts with much success. That led her to be a laureate and the winner of 11 international music competitions. Come 13 Ricci had done more in her career with her singing than most people twice her age. Taking a bit of a break to focus on building a musical base with her life, she headed off to Moscow State University where she studied Jazz and popular music. With graduation happening a year ago, she’s turned the focus back on her career. Taking her degree and background, her sound is a modern take on Jazz with some pop and soul twists and turns throughout that give her an edge in today’s mainstream platform.


Sophia Ricci was a talented child growing up, entering the Georgian Book of Guinness at 12. Today she’s 25-years-old with a degree in music and is putting her past and education together to create music that’s a modern take on Jazz with some pop, soul and romance tossed into the mix.

Working on new music now, Sophia Ricci is ready to hit the studio to construct everything and present herself to the world in a major way. After that she plans on getting back on stage in the festival scene.

Those interested in hearing more from Sophia Ricci can check her out online.

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